Office complete, fencing set for this week – we'll be ready for your pets on April 1st!

Pet and human visitors alike will LOVE Rover Stay Over!  Our goal is to provide pet boarding services in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere…you won’t be disappointed.

The past two weeks have been a flurry of activity; our check-in/check-out office is now complete, private kennel units are being installed and final painting jobs are under way.  We’re so excited to be able to meet our goal of opening this luxury pet boarding kennel on April 1st!

This is where we will check-in/check-out our guests.

Please keep Rover Stay Over in mind if you hear of anyone needing a comfortable place for their pets to hang out during the Spring Break holidays.  We greatly appreciate the support and well-wishes all our friends, family and Whatcom County neighbors have provided.

An official open house will take place in May – details will be shared in the next few weeks.  Make sure to subscribe to our website or join Rover Stay Over on Facebook to stay informed!