Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy in the Winter

Rover Stay Over

Winter is in full swing, which means we need to be a little extra vigilant with our pets. Everything from the cold temperatures to rock salt used on sidewalks can affect your furry friends, so here are some tips to keep your pet happy and safe so you both can enjoy the winter days:

  • Be careful when walking your dog around frozen lakes and ponds. Not only may the ice not be thick enough to walk on, there’s also the potential for your dog to slip and injure himself.
  • If your dog spends a lot of time outside, be sure to feed her a little more. Keeping the body warm takes extra energy, so extra calories will be very beneficial.
  • Wash off your pet’s paws after he has been outside. Rock salt can irritate foot pads. Also, if your pet licks his paws, the salt can irritate his mouth and tongue.
  • As much fun as your pet may have frolicking and eating snow, it’s not an adequate source of water. Dehydration can just as easily happen in the winter, so be sure to keep that water bowl full of fresh, clean water.
  • Rover Stay OverDoes your pet get cracked or dry paws in the winter? A little petroleum jelly can remedy that by softening the paws and keeping them moisturized.

The winter months can be just as fun with our pets as the summer months. With just a little extra care, we can keep them safe, healthy and happy.