Puppy grooming – it's best to get an early start

Sundae, a Golden Retriever pup, gets a new look from Rover Stay Over groomer, Katie Hall

Sundae, a Golden Retriever pup, gets a new look.

There’s no denying that a fluffy puppy is adorable, but most puppies aren’t born loving baths, brushing and trimming. Getting an early start on grooming can be just as beneficial as getting an early start on socializing.

Grooming during the puppy phase helps younger dogs get used to the noises, actions and sensations that happen during the grooming process. Waiting too long to let them adjust to things like ear cleaning and nail clipping may result in a nervous or unhappy dog later on.

There are also some great health benefits to grooming puppies – simple tasks, such as brushing, helps remove dander and dirt from their fur. It also stimulates the follicles, which can increase the oils and help give their coat a nice sheen.

Brushing puppies is a bonding experience that can be done at home. It can be fun and enjoyable for people and their furry kids. Seeing puppies thoroughly relaxed and enjoy a grooming session with their new family is wonderful!

When it comes to grooming puppies, it’s important to use the right tools for the job. Make sure to use the right type of brush for your dog’s fur. For example, wire-pin brushes are better for dogs with longer fur, whereas firm bristle brushes are better for dogs with short coats. Feel free to contact Rover Stay Over if you have questions about what type of grooming tools are recommended for specific dog breeds.

Other types of grooming, such as bathing, ear cleaning and nail trimming, are more involved – many people opt to bring their puppies to a professional groomer like Rover Stay Over for those services.

A professional dog groomer can help a puppy get used to the physical sensations that come with having water sprayed on them, cleaning drops put in their ears and nails trimmed.

Professional grooming for puppies and adult dogs is also recommended because groomers can help identify health issues that might otherwise be missed. They might discover ticks or fleas, maybe a bump you hadn’t noticed before or even dry skin. Catching health issues early on means they can be treated quicker.

If a new puppy is in your family plans, give our Whatcom County grooming salon today to schedule an appointment.