Pet care during the holidays

Rover Stay OverThe Christmas lights are strung, the tree is fully decorated, the cookies are baked and the holiday party invites have been sent. You’re ready for the holidays…but is your pet?

All the holiday treats, decorations and festivities that you enjoy may be just the thing that gets your furry friend in trouble. Fortunately, some extra care and monitoring can ensure that everyone in your household can enjoy the celebrations and gifts left under the tree. Here’s how:

A beautiful Christmas tree can be a playground for pets. Just think about it—all those branches to climb, that trunk that’s a perfect substitute for a scratch pad, and an entire array of sticks to chew on…right in the home! If your dog or cat sees the tree as its personal playground, be sure to have the tree securely fastened with a heavy tree stand and/or guide wires so it doesn’t tip over and fall.

The holidays often mean a rotating door of guests, which may stress out your pet. Set up a space for your pooch or kitty where they can retreat when they are feeling anxious. Have a pet bed and some of their favorite toys tucked into that quiet space, along with food and fresh water. And, of course, take time throughout any gatherings to give your pet some snuggles so they know they’re still in a safe space.

Finally, be vigilant about making sure food and drinks aren’t left unattended in places where your pets can get to them. Ask guests to be cautious about where they’re placing plates and glasses. What is delicious to us can be very harmful to our furry friends.

Let’s ensure that everyone enjoys the holidays, our pets included. They are part of the family, after all!