Winter grooming tips for Whatcom County dogs

Just like human skin in the fall and winter months, your dog’s skin and coat can become dry and itchy.

The change in seasons, from warm sun and green grass to heated homes, dry air, cold sidewalks, snow, wind and rain, can all contribute to matted fur, paw problems and sometimes even discomfort.Grooming Daisy, before and after

Here are three tips that can help your furry baby comfortably make it through the cold, wet months ahead:

Brush fur weekly. Sometimes more, depending on the breed. Regular grooming and brushing can help prevent shedding and matting.

Mats and tangles can prevent important oils that naturally occur from distributing properly. The oils are needed to help condition your dog’s skin and coat—without them you may see an increase in dry skin, dull coat, or worse: infected hot spots.

LibbyDon’t neglect the paws and nails! If your dog has cracked or tender paw pads, icy surfaces and salted sidewalks can further irritate them.

Trim any excessive hair that may grow between the pads of their feet to help prevent ice and snow from forming little painful “snowballs”. Keep toenails short, and if your dog will allow it, consider dog booties as an option.Some dogs enjoy a warm towel after a wet, cold walk to wipe off any residue—use the warm towel to dry their paw pads and legs.

Only use pet sweaters outdoors. Experts say the friction from wearing a sweater can cause knots and hair mats. Those that choose to keep their dog fashionably dressed in sweaters for extended periods of time (ya, we know they are super cute), should make sure to remove the outfit often and give the dog a thorough brushing to keep them tangle-free.

If you need a bit of extra help with winter grooming for your dog, give Rover Stay Over a call to schedule an appointment with our certified and trusted groomer.

We offer traditional grooming services for dogs that include soothing and hydrating oatmeal shampoos. We also offer special treatments that will make your pet “red carpet glamorous” and ready for the upcoming holidays.