Health and wellness for older companion animals

One of the most difficult decisions pet parents face is deciding on the best treatment for conditions their dog may experience as they grow older.Walter Cone

Just like humans, older dogs can get stiffer as they age which means getting up and moving around can take longer, and their movements can be physically painful.

The good news is that in some cases, ailments such as joint problems, chronic pain or injuries can be treated with alternative therapies, like warm water therapy and chiropractic care for dogs–two options that haven proven to be successful for Rover Stay Over dogs.

Canine therapy for dogs.
Exercising in water allows older dogs to work many of their muscles–getting a full range of joint motion without the stress caused by the motions on hard surfaces like sidewalks and wood floors. Hydrotherapy can also provide a good cardiovascular workout, which many older dogs lack due to pain.

After an injury, canine water therapy can help improve muscle strength—warm water therapy reduces tissue swelling and is considered a natural anti-inflammatory. The combination of warm water swimming along with various forms of bodywork (such as massage and stretching) may improve range of motion, circulation, relax tight muscles, reduce swelling and offer pain relief.

The benefits of canine water therapy include:

• Pre & post-surgery care
• Improves mobility & circulation
• Increases muscle strength & endurance
• Reduces inflammation
• Increases range of motion
• Weight management

• Pain relief
• Competition & show conditioning
• Builds confidence & reduces anxiety
• Safe exercise
• Increases overall health & well-being
• Fun for you and your canine

Chiropractic care.
Chiropractic care can help dogs with a wide range of health problems–from chronic pain to difficulty chewing to bowel and bladder dysfunction.

A canine chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a specific impulse directed at a joint to reduce fixation and re-establish normal movement—canine chiropractors may provide manual therapy or spinal manipulation as well as other techniques.

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Chiropractic treatment can be a wonderful way to prevent and treat joint degeneration in your dog. Like their human counterparts, having proper alignment can help prevent dog’s bodies from shifting into unhealthy positions that can come from compensation for joint pain caused by injury or old age.

Here at Rover Stay Over, we have personally used both of these providers and are very happy with the results! Of course we always recommend talking with your vet about health and wellness issues related to your fur baby—but please consider asking them about these two options.

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