5 tips for boarding your dog

If you are new to doggy parenting or are looking for a new place to leave your fur baby while you’re away for the weekend, know that there are reputable dog kennels in Whatcom County that can be a great resource.66318_431736546882592_389713928_n

Selecting the right kennel requires a bit of homework on your part—planning and research will alleviate any twinges of guilt you may have about leaving your sweet pup while you’re away.

Your dog will feel less stress from being left in a new place if you pick the right boarding kennel—they may even have a blast playing with new friends while you’re away!

Here are 5 tips for choosing the best dog boarding kennel in Whatcom County:

1. Ask a friend, neighbor, veterinarian, local animal shelter, or certified dog trainer for a recommendation. You can also check out reviews online on sites like Facebook.

2. Take a tour! Check out the kennel before you leave your fur baby. Meet the staff (they should be friendly and knowledgeable), explore outdoor play areas; note the size of the kennels and whether indoor areas are temperature controlled…and take a sniff. Does the kennel smell good or are their issues with cleanliness? Note if the current kennel guests are happy and friendly. Dogs in kennels should be barking and wagging their tails in a friendly, excited way, not showing aggression in any way. If you ask for a behind-the-scenes tour of any kennel, and the kennel owner declines, don’t leave your dog with them!

3. Make sure the dog boarding kennel requires vaccinations. A well-run kennel should require all dogs to have their updated vaccinations and shots before a stay.

4. Ask specifically how much playtime, socializing and outdoor fun your pooch will receive each day–and ask to see fenced play yards to make sure they are safe and secure. A professional boarding kennel like Rover Stay Over makes sure your pooch gets lots of attention—dogs boarded at Rover are exercised 5-6 times per day.

5. Book early and consider a daycare visit as a test. When your trip is planned and you’ve decided on the perfect kennel, make a kennel reservation ASAP. The best kennels in Whatcom County fill up quickly during peak travel times like Spring Break, national holidays and summer months—it would be disappointing if your kennel of choice ended up being full when you needed it. We also recommend sending your pooch to the boarding kennel for a day or two of daycare before leaving them there for long term boarding.

431673_426411707415076_365227121_nVacation boarding for dogs has many benefits, including peace of mind knowing your dog is taken care of and getting the attention it deserves–another important fact if you are considering leaving your pet with a friend or hiring a pet sitter to come to your home.

For the convenience of our customers, Rover Stay Over (located 15 minutes north of Bellingham) is open for pick-ups and drop-offs 7 days a week.

We have staff onsite daily and use a video monitoring system at night so your fur baby will be around people all the time–they won’t be lonely.  We also offer a transportation shuttle service for customers in select areas.

Your dog will love spending time at Rover Stay Over while you’re away. Call us today to schedule a tour and make a reservation.