How much exercise does your dog really need?

dog2As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog. Or as we say here at Rover Stay Over, we send your fur companion home fully exercised and “dog tired.”

Did you know daily exercise can improve a dog’s mental health, reduce anxious behaviors and alleviate boredom? Did you know all dogs are different when it comes to how much exercise they need daily? The right amount of physical activity depends on the type of breed, their age, and overall health.

When it comes to exercising your pooch, keep in mind that what will exhaust a pug will not be the same level of exhaustion for breeds like border collies or labs. A leisurely walk around the block may suffice for small dogs, dogs with health problems or a geriatric pooch, but certain high energy breeds like Airedale Terriers or Dalmatians require a more intense routine.

Some helpful advice from states that a pug or short-nosed breed should not engage in strenuous exercise that will tax his breathing. Deep-chested, narrow-bodied German shepherds, Dobermans and Great Danes should not be exercised right after meals, since they are prone to bloating. They also risk hip dysplasia and ligament injuries that sustained jogging may cause.

If you are unsure how much exercise your dog needs (maybe you have a mutt, or a small dog that NEVER tires), just try getting their heart rate going so that the dog reaches a good pant.

dogPanting is just the dog’s reaction to body heat, so it is an easy indicator that they are getting a work out.

Be sure to give your fur baby rest – especially older dogs- and always provide cold water when finished exercising. If it’s hot where you live, make sure to follow these guidelines for keeping your pet safe in the heat and on hot surfaces.

Not all dogs need to run or go for long walks. Some are perfectly okay with playing inside, or roaming the backyard, chasing a ball, playing with kids, or sleeping on a comfy pillow all day.

Remember to check in with your vet anytime you’re in doubt about your fur baby’s health and wellness.

If you don’t have the extra time to exercise your dog at home, drop them off at Rover Stay Over for a day of dog fun. We can set up play buddy groups—just ask!

Our dog boarding kennel near Lynden, WA even has a convenient shuttle option! Call and schedule an appointment today.