Why we fully staff our facility–and what that means for you

Just like their two-legged friends, dogs have several basic needs. Food, water, sleep, exercise, shelter — we all know about these, right?

Of course we do! And given how much time we dog owners spend with our furry babies, we also know that those aren’t quite enough to ensure a happy, healthy pet.

Attention, affection and companionship are also critical to our dogs’ health and well-being.

Our four-legged friends are social creatures. Their brains are wired for companionship, and they hate being left alone for long periods without attention or stimulation.

Companionship is one of the hallmarks of our service at Rover Stay Over. We fully staff our kennel, meaning that there is someone here throughout the day. Not only will your furry friend have plenty of play buddies around, but there also will always be trained staff members on hand during the day to care for her and give her attention, too.

Brianna and ChloeMany facilities are staffed only at morning check-in times and evening pick-up times, leaving animals bored and alone during the day. That’s never the case here at our award-winning dog facility.

At Rover Stay Over, our kennel attendants spend all day with the dogs. We’re matching up play buddies, filling pools on warm days, monitoring playgroups and throwing balls to ensure your pups get the exercise they need. Our grass fields are large enough to let dogs stretch out and run, too. During longer stays, you can also request that we take your dogs out for a walk through the countryside to get them out of the kennel.

Your furry friend doesn’t just want companionship, he needs it! If you’re facing a long work week, headed away on a trip or even just looking for some dog-free shopping time, give us a call. We’ll give your furry friends all the love, attention and companionship they need. We’re located just north of Bellingham and just south of Lynden on Hannegan Road.