The benefits of elevated dog beds

We take canine health and comfort seriously here at Rover Stay Over, that’s why we invest in elevated dog beds for our canine guests to use. They are a big expense for our kennel but we know it’s totally worth it!

That’s one of the biggest reasons we provide every four-legged friend who stays here his or her own elevated bed from Kuranda. These clean, comfy beds are among the highest-ranked on the market.


Estee Scheffer helping assemble new elevated dog beds for Rover Stay Over.

Another reason is for the convenience of our customers who don’t have to worry about bringing along their dogs’ bedding supplies to doggy daycare or while their fur baby is boarding here.

How does our bed make life better for you and your dog? Let’s take a deeper look.

  • Cleanliness: Elevated dog beds are easy to clean, meaning that there is no transfer of allergens from one dog to the next. You know how hard it can be to get stuffed beds clean, right? Even when you run the cover through the washing machine, the stuffing still harbors dander, pollen, hair, dirt and more. But you don’t need to worry about that here; the elevated beds we use at Rover Stay Over are wiped with pet-friendly cleaners two times per day. Also, if a water bowl gets spilled the bed won’t get wet. We think that’s cool!
  • Comfort: Because your dog is elevated off the floor, air can circulate underneath, keeping your furry friend at a nice, even temperature. Especially during warm summer months, pillow beds tend to trap heat, which can make life uncomfortable for your furry friend.Elevated dog beds are a much better option than what some other kennels use–they are cleaner and more comfortable than bathmats, old bedding or towels.
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Ransom Scheffer helped deliver beds to the kennel.

  • Condition: The beds we use here provide even support for your dog’s entire body, no matter how big or how small. That means less pressure on sensitive areas like elbows and joints.
  • Chew-resistance: Our beds are durable, too. Is your dog a chewer? Don’t stress about him or her chewing or strewing stuffing all over the kennel. It won’t happen.
  • Convenience: Since Rover Stay Over provides beds for every dog who stays in our facility, there’s no need for you to bother with bringing your beloved companion’s bedding with you. We like to think of our dog kennel as grandma’s house for dogs. Just drop them off, go have fun and we’ll worry about the rest!

Heading out on a trip soon? Leave the bedding — and everything else — to us. We’re open seven days a week, between Lynden and Bellingham in Whatcom County. Just let us know any time if you have questions.