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Weekend daycare for dogs in Whatcom County

We are open for pickups and dropoffs seven days a week, meaning that no matter what day you need us, we’re here.

Black and white dog sitting

Stinky dog? We can fix that.

Grooming your dog should happen about once a month, maybe a bit more or less depending on your dog’s breed.

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Your pup’s home away from home for the holidays

It’s peak travel season, and you’re planning on heading out of town soon. But how confident are you that your dog also will have a great time while you’re away?

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What to do if your dog gets Bordetella

It’s that time of year again when kennel cough, also known as Bordetella bronchiseptica, often rears its ugly head. It seems like every fall when the weather cools, the fog rolls in and brings with it colds and flus for our fur babies. Your dog may pick it up at the vet, at the dog…

golden retriever looking out fence

Fences designed to keep your pup safe

OK, be honest: Raise your hand if Your dog’s name is Houdini You have good reason to change your dog’s name to Houdini Our furry friends can be amazing escape artists. And while dog owners are often tempted to stand back and be impressed at their four-legged friends’ ingenuity and physical ability, a dog that…

Black lab puppy sitting

So you got a new puppy. Now what?

Recently welcomed a furry bundle of joy into your home? It’s all fun and games from here. Well, it can be, anyway, as long as you train your puppy right. Here are five simple rules for training your new pup at home: Command, reward, repeat. When it comes to training a puppy, quantity beats quality…

The benefits of elevated dog beds

We take canine health and comfort seriously here at Rover Stay Over, that’s why we invest in elevated dog beds for our canine guests to use. They are a big expense for our kennel but we know it’s totally worth it! That’s one of the biggest reasons we provide every four-legged friend who stays here…

Why we fully staff our facility–and what that means for you

Attention, affection and companionship are also critical to our dogs’ health and well-being.

How much exercise does your dog really need?

As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog. Or as we say here at Rover Stay Over, we send your fur companion home fully exercised and “dog tired.” Did you know daily exercise can improve a dog’s mental health, reduce anxious behaviors and alleviate boredom? Did you know all dogs are different…

Natural disaster planning for dogs

Natural disasters happen, and they can happen quickly. Are you prepared to care for your dog if a disaster strikes our community? The potential natural disasters we could experience here in Whatcom County are earthquakes, flooding, wind storms, extended power outages from severe weather, and even the possibility of Mount Baker erupting. What if you’re out of…