Dog Boarding Kennel

Why you (and your dog) will love doggy daycare at Rover

October 25, 2017

When it comes to doggy daycare, what sets Rover Stay Over apart? Cleanliness. To keep our modern kennels clean, Rover uses environmentally-friendly products whenever possible. We also use a whole lot of elbow grease — our kennels and our special elevated dog beds are cleaned twice every day. Exercise. At Rover, we like to say…

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Pet food allergies, and what to do about them

September 27, 2017

Has your beloved pup been scratching more than usual lately? Did she develop an ear or skin infection over the summer that just doesn’t seem to be going away? It’s possible that she has developed an allergy to an ingredient — most likely some type of animal protein — in her food. Dogs can be…

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Why we fully staff our facility–and what that means for you

July 1, 2016

Attention, affection and companionship are also critical to our dogs’ health and well-being.

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5 tips for boarding your dog

March 25, 2016

If you are new to doggy parenting or are looking for a new place to leave your fur baby while you’re away for the weekend, know that there are reputable dog kennels in Whatcom County that can be a great resource. Selecting the right kennel requires a bit of homework on your part—planning and research…

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chocolate lab laying down

Weekend daycare for dogs available in Whatcom County

June 18, 2015

People can get so busy in the summer with school getting out, vacations, family reunions, sporting events and day trips, that sometimes the beloved family pooch can feel the neglect. When left at home alone, dogs can suffer from boredom and separation anxiety resulting in damaged household items, loud barking, hyper behavior and an overall…

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Giving a pet as a holiday gift? Consider the following first

December 22, 2014

Pets bring warmth and joy to any home so it’s no surprise that some people choose to give a new puppy or kitten as a holiday gift. And really, what’s more endearing than a furry baby with a bright red ribbon under the Christmas tree? Gifting an animal as a holiday gift, however, can backfire…

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Pet care during the holidays

November 20, 2014

The Christmas lights are strung, the tree is fully decorated, the cookies are baked and the holiday party invites have been sent. You’re ready for the holidays…but is your pet? All the holiday treats, decorations and festivities that you enjoy may be just the thing that gets your furry friend in trouble. Fortunately, some extra…

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5 tips for boarding your geriatric dog

October 24, 2014

Do you have an older dog that that requires extra care? Are you concerned about boarding him/her? That’s a legitimate worry for many dog owners, especially for those who travel on occasion and must leave their furry friends at a boarding kennel. Professional dog kennels, like Rover Stay Over, have the knowledge, understanding and compassion…

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Pet First Aid Tips

September 27, 2014

It’s important to know first aid in case we ever need to help save another person’s life, but have you considered learning first aid for your pets? Dogs and cats are part of the family too and they can be just as susceptible to injury as people are. Today is a great day to get…

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Colorful yard with people playing with a dog

Top 5 reasons to board your dog instead of leaving them with a friend

April 20, 2014

It’s getting to be vacation season so people are making travel plans and booking hotel rooms for the summer months. But have you made plans for your dog? If not, now is the time to start doing so. You may be planning to leave your dog with a friend or family member, but that’s not…

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