Lynden dog kennel

Pet food allergies, and what to do about them

September 27, 2017

Has your beloved pup been scratching more than usual lately? Did she develop an ear or skin infection over the summer that just doesn’t seem to be going away? It’s possible that she has developed an allergy to an ingredient — most likely some type of animal protein — in her food. Dogs can be…

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Pug wearing a thundershirt

Thundershirts: Great options for calming anxious dogs

March 29, 2017

Do you have an excitable or nervous dog? One who freaks out over fireworks and thunderstorms or who acts like her world is ending whenever you leave them at doggy daycare? Several of Rover Stay Over’s customers have canine companions who behave like this, and they’ll often share tips on what works to calm their…

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golden retriever looking out fence

Fences designed to keep your pup safe

September 28, 2016

OK, be honest: Raise your hand if Your dog’s name is Houdini You have good reason to change your dog’s name to Houdini Our furry friends can be amazing escape artists. And while dog owners are often tempted to stand back and be impressed at their four-legged friends’ ingenuity and physical ability, a dog that…

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How much exercise does your dog really need?

May 26, 2016

As the saying goes, a tired dog is a good dog. Or as we say here at Rover Stay Over, we send your fur companion home fully exercised and “dog tired.” Did you know daily exercise can improve a dog’s mental health, reduce anxious behaviors and alleviate boredom? Did you know all dogs are different…

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5 tips for boarding your dog

March 25, 2016

If you are new to doggy parenting or are looking for a new place to leave your fur baby while you’re away for the weekend, know that there are reputable dog kennels in Whatcom County that can be a great resource. Selecting the right kennel requires a bit of homework on your part—planning and research…

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Catch a ride to Rover Stay Over with new shuttle service

February 25, 2016

Does your beloved fur baby miss out on the perks of doggy daycare because you don’t have time to bring them here before work? Do you have a hard time getting your dog in for much-needed grooming appointments? Is dropping the dog off at the kennel one more thing on your pre-vacation to-do list? Well…

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Dogs: Keeping them healthy at home

January 22, 2016

Dogs (and other pets) can be very inquisitive. Sniffing, smelling, and sometimes tasting almost anything in sight are natural behaviors for them. For that reason, dogs can unknowingly eat items that are not their food, and those items can be harmful to their health. It’s super hard to keep an eye on pets all the…

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