Pet Tips

Why you (and your dog) will love doggy daycare at Rover

October 25, 2017

When it comes to doggy daycare, what sets Rover Stay Over apart? Cleanliness. To keep our modern kennels clean, Rover uses environmentally-friendly products whenever possible. We also use a whole lot of elbow grease — our kennels and our special elevated dog beds are cleaned twice every day. Exercise. At Rover, we like to say…

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Pet food allergies, and what to do about them

September 27, 2017

Has your beloved pup been scratching more than usual lately? Did she develop an ear or skin infection over the summer that just doesn’t seem to be going away? It’s possible that she has developed an allergy to an ingredient — most likely some type of animal protein — in her food. Dogs can be…

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Dogs: Keeping them healthy at home

January 22, 2016

Dogs (and other pets) can be very inquisitive. Sniffing, smelling, and sometimes tasting almost anything in sight are natural behaviors for them. For that reason, dogs can unknowingly eat items that are not their food, and those items can be harmful to their health. It’s super hard to keep an eye on pets all the…

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Winter grooming tips for Whatcom County dogs

October 26, 2015

Just like human skin in the fall and winter months, your dog’s skin and coat can become dry and itchy. The change in seasons, from warm sun and green grass to heated homes, dry air, cold sidewalks, snow, wind and rain, can all contribute to matted fur, paw problems and sometimes even discomfort. Here are…

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Keeping Your Pet Happy & Healthy in the Winter

January 13, 2014

Winter is in full swing, which means we need to be a little extra vigilant with our pets. Everything from the cold temperatures to rock salt used on sidewalks can affect your furry friends, so here are some tips to keep your pet happy and safe so you both can enjoy the winter days: Be careful…

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