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Whatcom County Doggy Daycare

Dogs: Keeping them healthy at home

January 22, 2016

Dogs (and other pets) can be very inquisitive. Sniffing, smelling, and sometimes tasting almost anything in sight are natural behaviors for them. For that reason, dogs can unknowingly eat items that are not their food, and those items can be harmful to their health. It’s super hard to keep an eye on pets all the…

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Health and wellness for older companion animals

December 15, 2015

One of the most difficult decisions pet parents face is deciding on the best treatment for conditions their dog may experience as they grow older. Just like humans, older dogs can get stiffer as they age which means getting up and moving around can take longer, and their movements can be physically painful. The good…

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Is there a cure for dogs that are excessive lickers?

August 20, 2015

Licking is a natural behavior of dogs; it’s in their genes. Your dog may be trying to get your attention to ask for something, or he/she may be expressing submissiveness or excitement. Licking can mean “Hi! I thought you were never coming home ever again and you did! I am so happy to see you!”…

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Plan ahead for summer flea control

April 16, 2015

Since Whatcom County had such a mild winter, this summer could be high season for fleas. Those pesky fleas can lead to sick dogs—and they can also impact pet owners. Fleas often cause mild to severe discomfort such as skin problems, itching, anemia, infections and other diseases if not prevented or maintained. Not cool, right?…

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