5 tips for keeping your dog cool in the summer

Rover Stay OverNorthwest Washington summers might not be as hot and intense as other parts of the country, but our pets are still susceptible to suffering from heat-related issues.

Sometimes even a comfortable 70-degree day can cause your furry friend to get overheated – it’s important to keep tabs on them and watch for the signs of any health and safety issues like heat exhaustion and/or dehydration.

There are many ways to make sure that pets are healthy and happy during the dog days of summer. Here are five tips to keep your pet safe and happy during these hot days:

1.)  This should go without saying, but we still hear the tragic tales of dogs and other pets being left in cars on hot days. The temperature in a car with its windows open even slightly can raise 20 degrees within the first ten minutes. Imagine how hot it can get after 20 minutes or a half hour? Rule of thumb? Don’t do it. If you have to go somewhere where Fido isn’t allowed, leave him at home, with a trusted friend or send them to a trusted boarding kennel. It’s just not worth the risk.

2.)  It’s important to keep your dogs active, even during hot days. Hit the trails or do your daily walks early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler.

3.)  Three words: hydration, hydration, hydration! Carry a water bottle and portable dog bowl with you when taking your pup on a walk. Plus, if your dog is hot (especially those with dark coats), it’s nice to be able to spray them off to cool them down.

4.)   Lay a wet towel down on the floor or outside on the grass (in the shade) and let your dog lay on it. It’s the equivalent of us getting into a bed with cool sheets!

5.)  Trust your pet. They know if it’s too hot to be outside frolicking and will instinctually seek shade or stay inside. There’s no need to push them when they are aware of conditions being too intense to enjoy.

Summers are a great time to be out and about, enjoying the beautiful landscapes around Whatcom County. Just be prepared and aware and you’ll be able to fully enjoy this season with your furry friends. Happy summer!